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From the New York Times:

The Department of Marine Resources has several areas of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about lobstering and the industry.

  • Start at their Home Page to find laws and regulations about lobster zone management and other lobster landings statistics.
  • Try Resource Management - Lobsters to find a wealth of resources and information on lobsters, including how to order a wide variety of information leaflets.
  • ...or for downloadable copies of regulations, go directly to: State of Maine Rule Chapters for the Department of Marine Resources (This is an ftp site where you may download the Rule Chapters in Word 2.0 or WordPerfect 5.1 format. The regulations are no longer posted for online viewing.)

The Darling Marine Center is the marine laboratory of the University of Maine. It functions year round as a research and educational facility serving the marine interests of faculty, staff, students and visiting investigators from around the world.

The Lobster Institute

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

The Lobster Conservancy is a non-profit research organization dedicated to preserving the American lobster and the traditional trap fishery through scientific research and education.

The Lobsterman's Page

Maine/New Hampshire Sea Grant College Program

Sea Grant at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Books for adults

  • Acheson, James, 1988. Lobster Gangs of Maine. Hanover, NH: University Press of New England
  • Ballenger, Bruce, 1988. The Lobster Almanac. Chester, CT: The Globe Pequot Press
  • Dueland, Joy. 1973. The Book of the Lobster. Somersworth, NH: New Hampshire Publishing Co.
  • Factor, J. (ed.) 1995. The Biology of the Lobster Homarus AmericanusOrlando, FL: Academic Press.
  • Martin, Kenneth and Nathan Lipfert. 1985. Lobstering and the Maine Coast. Bath, ME: Maine Maritime Academy
  • Merriam, Kendall. 1978. The Illustrated Dictionary of Lobstering. Freeport, ME: The Cumberland Press
  • Mitchell, Wyatt. 1993. Lobster Lore. gch publishing, P.O. Box 4020, Portland, ME 04101
  • Prudden, T.M. 1962. About Lobsters. Freeport, ME: The Cumberland Press
  • Thorndike, Virginia. Maine Lobsterboats. Down East Books. (online review)
  • White, Susan, ed.,1990. A Lobster in Every Pot: More Than Just a Cookbook. Emmaus, PA: Rodale Press

Books for Children

  • Bayer, Robert and Juanita. 1989. Lobsters Inside Out: A Guide to the Maine Lobster. Bar Harbor, ME: Acadia Press
  • Cerullo, Mary M. 1994. Lobsters: Gangsters of the Sea. New York: Cobblehill Books
  • Cook, Joseph. 1972. The Nocturnal World of the Lobster. New York: Dodd, Mead, & Co.
  • Hollenbeck, Katherine. 1996. Lobster's Secret Washington, DC: Trudy Management Corp. & Smithsonian Institution
  • Ipcar, Dahlov. 1962. Lobsterman. Camden, ME: DownEast Books
  • McMillan, Bruce. 1977. Finest Kind O' Day: Lobstering in Maine. Lippincott
  • Pallotta, Jerry. 1990. Going Lobstering. Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge
  • Taylor, Herb. 1975. The Lobster: Its life cycle. New York: Sterling Publishing Co.

Curriculum resources

  • Maine Department Of Marine Resources
    • PO Box 8
    • West Boothbay Harbor, ME 04575
    • (207) 633-9500
  • Joel Rubin, Teacher Resource Center
    • New England Aquarium
    • Central Wharf
    • Boston, MA 02110
    • Tel. (617) 973-5200
    • The New England Aquarium has many educational materials, guidebooks, & kits on popular topics, as do Sea World and Baltimore Aquarium
  • Elaine Jones, Education Director
    • Maine Department of Marine Resources
    • State House Station #21
    • Augusta, ME 04333
    • Free marine curriculum materials, teachers' newsletter
  • Susan White, Education Coordinator
    • University of Maine/University of New Hamphire Sea Grant College Program
    • Coburn Hall
    • University of Maine
    • Orono, ME 04469
    • (207) 581-1440
    • Materials on lobsters and other marine topics, videos
  • Teacher Resource Center
    • University of New Hamphire Marine Program
    • University of New Hampshire
    • Durham, NH 03824
    • (603)749-1565
    • Library of marine curriculum materials, volunteers who visit schools