Learning More About Lobster Harvesters

Lobster catchers are as interesting as lobsters, and like lobsters, they tend to be a distinctive breed. Their lives are depicted in various ways in Going Lobstering by Jerry Pallotta, Finest Kind O' Day: Lobstering in Maine by Bruce McMillan, Lobsterman by Dahlov Ipcar, and in Lobsters: Gangsters of the Sea by Mary Cerullo.

If you live in a coastal community, you could invite a lobster harvester and a marine patrol officer to show their gear and discuss lobster conservation. Your state fisheries agency may donate confiscated lobster traps and buoys to teachers to use for educational purposes.

How to Talk Like a Lobstahman

Sprinkle some of these words in your conversation, along with a few "Ay-uh's," and you'll be talking like a Downeaster in no time. Compare the standard definition with the lobsterman's version.

  • berries
  • bugs
  • "from away"
  • ghost fishing
  • snapper
  • pistol
  • short
  • keeper
  • pot
  • kitchen
  • parlor
  • shedder
  • crusher
  • ripper
  • chicken
  • deuce
  • jumbo
  • lobster car

For a complete reference of lobstering terms, refer to The Illustrated Dictionary of Lobstering by Kendall Merriam (1978.Freeport, ME: The Cumberland Press)