Trivia facts about lobsters abound. Suggest that students create posters or cartoons to illustrate some of these facts:

  • Most lobsters weigh about a pound to a pound and a half when they are caught, but the largest lobster ever caught weighed over forty-four pounds.
  • Lobsters can be cannibals.
  • In the summer, the primary diet of lobsters is the lobster bait inside traps or thrown over the side of lobster boats. Some lobsters crawl into traps to eat and then escape afterwards.
  • You should never eat a green lobster!
  • Hypnotizing a Lobster

These and other facts with detailed explanations can be found throughout our Lobster Pages. Encourage your students to come up with their own factoids. 

You could even make up a Lobster Trivia Game. On one side of a sheet of paper or posterboard, put the questions or unusual terminology. On the opposite side, put the answers or explanations. Cut into card-sized pieces, and see who knows the answers.....or who can make up the most believable bluff! We plan to have a sample trivia game here soon. Meanwhile, maybe your students would like to make up their own! 

See Lobster Tales and Trivia for more factoids to use!