lobster anatomy
Lobster Anatomy

You can trace the outline of the lobster's anatomy to make a lobster puzzle for students to cut out and label: crusher claw, ripper or tearing claw, carapace, walking legs, antennae. Most books on lobsters also have illustrations of the parts of a lobster. Or you can cook and eat a lobster and label its left-over parts!

Buy a male and female lobster from the market and have children learn to distinguish the sexes by the first pair of feathery fins on the underside of the lobster, the swimmerets. They are hard on a male, soft on a female.

Lobster stories

Write about:

  • A Day (or Night) in the Life of a Lobster or a Lobster Harvester
  • A Baby Lobster's Life as Plankton
  • What Happened When We Tried to Cook a Lobster
  • A Lobster's Rescue from the Pound to the Sea