Research Topics

Before the researchers left on their trip to Belize, we asked them a few questions to help us understand what it was they were investigating, and why it was important. As available, on each of the individual topic pages, they have answered these questions:

What is known about this topic....

What is believed to be true, but not yet proven...

What is needed for greater understanding...

Why is this topic important?

Specific Research question/hypothesis...

Data being gathered...

Particular ecological/environmental
concerns and factors which influence this research effort...

Preliminary evaluation and comments...

Follow their responses, and their ongoing research, on these pages:

Biodiversity and Photodocumentation: Details of Research Effort

Coral Reef Damage: Progress Report

Lighting Effects: Progress Report

Coral Bleaching: Progress Report

Biology of Sharks, Skates, and Rays: Progress Report

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