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Atlantic Herring
 The Sardine Industry in the Gulf of Maine
sardine can descriptions
sardine can descriptions

The sardine industry contributed greatly to coastal economies throughout Gulf of Maine region up to the mid 1900's. Since then, towns such as Eastport and Lubec, Maine, have redirected their efforts towards other industries such as lobster harvest and aquaculture.

For a look back into the heyday of the herring industry, consider visiting the Sardine Museum off route 189 in Lubec, Maine.

Roll over the pictures to the right to see Betty Rier of the Sardine Museum demonstrate how to create lead-soldered sardine cans as manufactured in the late 1800's.

Examples of Sardine Can Art

The images below were photographed at the Connors Brothers sardine processing plant in Black's Harbour, New Brunswick, and the Sardine Museum at Seal Cove, Grand Manan, New Brunswick.

sardine can sardine can
sardine can sardine can
sardine can sardine can

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