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Atlantic Herring
 Herring - About This Site


The framework for this website is based on the report, Biology and Assessment of Gulf of Maine Herring Stocks, commissioned by the Gulf of Maine Aquarium in 1998 (Tupper, M. H., and V. C. Anthony, S. B. Chenoweth, H. A. MacCluen, 104 pp.) Additional references have been cited by page.

This site has been developed for science saavy public audiences. Along these lines, our goal is to relay information that is both accurate and understandable. In this seemingly impossible pursuit, we encourage you to let us know if you find errors, inaccuracies, misconceptions, omissions, or, for that matter, additional content or links that you think would benefit the site. To this end, we owe special thanks to the following site reviewers:

  • Gary Melvin, St. Andrews Biological Station, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada,
  • David Stevenson, Habitat Conservation Division, National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA,
  • Matthew Cieri and Kohl Kanwit of Maine's Department of Marine Resources,
  • Ryan Raber, F/V Providian, and
  • Peter Mullen, F/V Osprey, F/V Western Venture, F/V Western Wave.


Thanks to Jeff Kaelin, former Executive Director of the Maine Sardine Council, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and Stinson Seafood (2001) Inc. for their financial support to develop this site.

Contact Information

Gulf of Maine Aquarium
P.O. Box 7549
Portland, ME 04071
(207) 772-2321

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